Fishing & Ice Reports for Mille Lacs Lake


2 days ago

Productive weekend. Cabin walls and ceilings washed, everything vacuumed, lots of yard work, alittle bit of painting and minor repair so now I don't feel so far behind. The ice in the bay is really ... See more

1 week ago

Well, we've dodged the bullet so far! Will it last?

2 weeks ago

Pretty foggy out there today. Rain and warm weather have started to open the landing up a bit so we will call it an end to the ice fishing season, Access is Closed and we're switching gears to ... See more

2 weeks ago

After inspecting the landing this morning we will reopen the access to walk-out traffic only. It's in good shape now and could probably accommodate ATVs but with the warm weather and rain in the ... See more

1 month ago

NOTICE: Monday will be the last day our access is open to any kind of traffic. We will be out of town for a few days and will not put that responsibility on the person taking care of our resort. We ... See more