Fishing & Ice Reports for Mille Lacs Lake


9 hours ago

LOTS of rough ice in close. Tim ventured out about 500 yards and had 5-6" of ice in the spots he checked. That's as far as he went for now. Spent a couple hours dragging an I-beam with ATV on the ... See more

15 hours ago

Ice as far as we can see with binoculars. We've been out of town for a few days so Tim hasn't had a chance to check ice but will be doing so later this morning. Will give an update when he's done. ... See more

2 weeks ago
Mille Lacs walleyes nearly triple

1 walleye limit this winter and the population is on the rise. #dothelake

The number of walleyes over 14 inches long have nearly tripled in Minnesota's Lake Mille Lacs over the past five years, the state's Department of Natural Resources revealed Tuesday, an improvement ... See more

3 weeks ago

This is the easy peasy part. Thanks Dale Thiele! #dothelake

3 weeks ago

Last of the season shut down. Tim and Dave Chapman are prepping the monster dock for Dale to pull out later today. Thanks everyone for a great summer season and we hope to see all of you again in ... See more